Come on in and sit awhile.

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Here we are in, or approaching, the winter years of our lives, a sweet time perhaps when some of us can wind down, or gear up and engage in the things we have so longed to do. It can be a time of contentment or a time of challenges- and sometimes both.

To grow older is a privilege many folks don’t get. So this is penned for anyone who is aging, and who isn’t, written from my 68 year old perspective. I say that because I don’t believe in them and us.

You’ll hear me say that often. After all, we each travel this road called life. We are merely at different stages along the highway. My personal hobby has always been writing true stories. Some people run. Some knit. Some garden. I write stories.

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Inspired means to inflame or blow in to. What blows in to you especially as time goes by? My faith does it for me. What’s your story? By the way, my religion is about a relationship, not a location. So let’s encourage each other by sharing what inflames us.

With 8 billion people on this planet there are at least 8 billion uniquely different stories, many many very encouraging. I pray you’ll read something here that ignites your flame and you’ll think, if it worked for X it’ll work for me!

Let’s Look Up & explore together.

We can roam down these tough streets of Aging With Ardor and with grace, sometimes having fun, but sometimes examining the hard stuff, too, hard stuff like sudden roadblocks that come at you out of the blue. And consider the myths out there about mature adults. No, we are not all hard of hearing. What can we do to bust those myths? There will be tales of extraordinary ordinary folks like you and me, folks who accomplished some amazing feats even in their winter years. We will connect in different ways perhaps through a few book reviews or by interviewing some outstanding guests who will uplift you I’m sure. We will converse while sharing a seat on the Friendship Bench. We will dance with the children all while soldiering on wearing our very best outlook for the future. No peering into the rearview mirror.

I see life through the lens of a Christian first and foremost, a beyond blessed mother to 3 wonderful adult sons, and Nana to 3 splendid grandchildren. I’ve worked with people with challenges and disabilities all my life in varied capacities, even in Southern Africa for a time. All of these friends hold a special place in my heart.

Pull up a chair, grab a coffee as together we examine what inspires people to keep going with a positive outlook.